Salvaged: The Lost Ones

A world of near dystopian automatons and the future of humanity's evolution.

jason felix-lost ones-03.jpg

an Artbook
By Jason Felix



There is something exciting, foreboding, and all together evolutionary as we merge with our electronic creations. Within this process, can we save our environment and ourselves for generations to come? Or are we to face an unavoidable dystonian outcome?  This subconscious narrative is the pulse of the book, a metaphor for our daily life, and the heart of the matter for future generations. 


Currently resides in San Francisco working as a professional artist in the entertainment industry. I'm keeping busy working as a contractor for various clients and fostering future personal projects such as this one! I've been fortunate to work with such companies as Electronic Arts, Wizards of the Coast, Visceral Games, Dark Horse Comics, Side Show Collectibles, Del Rey, Blur Studios, Random House, Blizzard, Lucas LTD, and many other various studios. To date, some of the intellectual properties that I have has worked on include Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Dead Space, Starcraft, Magic The Gathering, Star Wars, and Conan the Barbarian.