Inkwork Fairy Tale Artbook

The book will be a 6x9 inch, 42 page perfect bound paperback filled cover-to-cover with ink drawings of fairies, fauns, foxes and kitsune and their forest world.  


an artbook
by Meredith Dillman



“Hi, I’m Meredith and I am known for painting watercolor fairies, but I also love anything with lines and ink. The idea for this campaign all started when I rediscovered my love of ink drawing during Inktober a few years ago. I've continued exploring ink drawings beyond Inktober. Join me and the moth fairies as I continue my ink-filled journey through faerieland. 

I’m Kickstarting a 42 page sketchbook sized art book filled with botanical fairies, tiny moth-ical fairies and mystical foxes. The book will be filled with artwork created over the last 3 years as well as more recently, as I’ve explored new techniques.”