Mermay 2018 Artbook

Jenevieve is creating an artbook based on her #Mermay works


an Artbook
by Jenevieve Broomall



β€œIn 2018, I participated in one of the bigger challenges I, as an artist, could stick with. #Mermay.  It wasn't a challenge because of the content--I personally LOVE drawing mermaids.   It wasn't a challenge because I couldn't come up with mermaid poses (did I mention I loved mermaids?). I wasn't bored with the subject either--I think we all get it, I love mermaids and drawing them. 

It was a challenge because it's a month long thing and I had to STAY with it and draw a mermaid EVERY day. For someone who loves mermaids you would think this would be a piece of cake... And in that, you're not entirely wrong but not entirely right either. I have other projects and clientele ranging from: Coffin Comics, IDW, Valiant, Aspen, Devil's Due, and more that I work with and also the beloved creative ADD where I think of something new and immediately HAVE to go draw it. (Creative ADD is not a real diagnosis--more so a hyper imagination on steroids, that's me in a nutshell)    

This past year, I wanted to focus on finishing my personal projects. So often, we artists forget to fuel our own creative tanks and start with good intentions but other projects take over. 

With the help of you guys--the fans, family, and fellow creators like, Tom Bancroft (who started #Mermay) I was able to finish this project!”