Samurai of Oz

Dorothy Blade and her wolf Toto find themselves in a dark mythical Feudal Japan inspired world of Oz! Ninjas, demons, ghosts and more await her at every corner! Where does the Bloody Red Road lead? 


a comic
by Ron Zabala



Samurai of Oz is a 24 page comic and our first comic with complete manga/anime style line art for the interior, some topless action and hack and slash blood! And the comic is in full color!  We do however have a black and white grey scale interior traditional manga style color option too!  The story is written by Patriotika and Valkyrie Saviors writer Ron Zabala, the pages illustrated by Santa Fung and colored by Alessia Nocera. The comic is fully  illustrated, but I  need your help to get it printed, get it noticed, and  get the series going! And there's variant covers plus cool swag you  can pick  up depending on how much you pledge!