Little Heroes

"Little Heroes" is a compilation art book of pop culture characters re-imagined as little children.


an artbook
by Will Terry



OVER 200 pages of high quality print and content. There are 100 pristine art renditions of pop culture characters - 30 characters from the previous book "Little" now in color, and 70 new characters. Our biography and story of creating "Little Heroes" are also included. 

When people at conventions ask us, "Why do you draw super hero kids?" We tell them, "Because it makes people smile!"

When we first started this concept, we wanted it to be more than just super heroes as kids. We want our art to invite the viewer to take a step back from his or her life and become a kid again; unburdened, open, and innocent. It's this child-like delight that gets people to smile! 

Nothing brings us more happiness than to share this child-like joy with others. If you know someone that "Little Heroes" may bring a big smile to, Check out our rewards now!