Things that I hear

A satirical art-book of painfully relatable illustrations of modern life.


an Artbook
by Avner Geller



“My name is Avner Geller. I am an artist working at Dreamworks Animation in Los Angeles, where I've worked on films like TrollsPeabody and Sherman and Penguins of Madagscar. In my spare time, I've created an Instagram series of satirical illustrations based on real conversations that I've overheard. After having drawn over 100 of these scenes, I am finally ready to compile them all into one big book: Things That I Hear.     

After spending the past four years sharing these illustrations online, I'm excited to bring them to life in print. Things That I Hear  includes 128 pages of richly detailed illustrations that elevate the work from a simple cartoon book to a beautiful collection of art pieces that will bring a fun pop of color and humor to any coffee table. The book includes numerous exclusive illustrations beyond some of the material you may have seen online.

This project started from my passion of drawing characters. I love to sketch in cafes, on public transportation and around the city. Having lived in Los Angeles for the past few years, I've witnessed trends come and go. Mustaches were replaced with man buns, yoga studios added goats to their classes, and online dating became more hellish than ever. The one thing you can still count on is finding avocado toast on every menu. In such a vibrant, trend-setting, millennial filled city, you are bound to hear some crazy things.

The conversations I overhear are an acute reflection of our modern lives. They reveal moments of awkward public intimacy, biting self-awareness, and the discomforts of luxury. In other words, they provide the perfect material for satirical cartoons that reflect how silly we all really are :)”