Can I have my book reviewed by you?

Of course! All you have to do is to contact me through the form and we will figure it out. What I certainly will need is a copy of the book and its specifications.

Do I have to be a publisher for that?

No, absolutely not! If you have made a book in the past, just by yourself, then this is reason enough for me to check out your beautiful book. Most importantly it has to be available for the public somehow, as I won’t talk about a book which only exists five times. My reviews should encourage people to collect more books, not just look at a single copy, unless it is a handcrafted volume that is art just by itself.

Are you on social media?

Yes, although the Artbook News themselves don’t have a specific social media account as I want to use the Newsletter to keep people informed. But my personal accounts can be found in the navigation of this page or in the footer


Why are you reviewing books?

Because I love them and love to create them just as much. On this page I tackle the whole topic through a professional point of view and hope to also teach about the possible benefits to create your book in a specific way, or maybe also to show what is in my opinion a bad choice of design or execution. I hope to get to a point that this page is not just about reviews but also about education.

Will you add more categories of content?

Yes, I hope to add interviews with creators, preferably made over Twitch, and also to add advice on books and design for people who not only want to collect them but also create.

Who asks you all these questions?

Well, I ask these myself of course! I just started out and for sure there have been not these many questions. But I always wanted to have an FAQ, and also I want to have three questions on each side of the columns.