JAN 2019

I have added the opportunity to win an artbook every month. These artbooks will have signatures and sketches or only signatures and could have a special place in your collection. I am choosing the winner among the subscribers of the newsletter and at the end of the month I will announce them on my Twitch channel and following up of course, through the newsletter. I am going to add video reviews very soon, so stay tuned!

Nov 2018

Welcome to this new page where I will be highlighting artbooks that I like and explain to you why you should like them too. I will do this from my personal point of view, not only regarding my taste but also from my professional perspective on materials and execution.

I will also talk about current crowdfunding campaigns for books and similar products and remind you guys about them early enough so you can start filling up the piggybank and slaughter it when the time has come to throw your money at another incredible creative’s face.

If you are one of these creatives, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me so I can have a look on what you have to offer and also have a little chat about what you want to achieve. As we know crowdfunding is always connected to risks and showing the campaigns to you guys does never mean I take any responsibility in the execution and fulfillment of it.

I hope you will find this page useful and make sure to subscribe to the Newsletter, to not miss any of the announcements I will scream through the aether :)